Which Evaluation Report Is Right For You?


Business Evaluation reports can be prepared for many purposes. That is why we offer two types of Business Evaluation reports: Informational Evaluations and Certified Evaluations.

With a Business Evaluation, you can move forward with important transactions and enter into negotiations with ensured reliability, reduced financial risk, and unparalleled confidence. Through our strategic alliance with our Primary Business Consultants with over 30 years of experience, we will help position your business for success.


Available For Businesses With Less Than $2M In Revenue.

Informational Evaluation Reports

Informational Evaluation Reports are less time-intensive to produce and more affordable. 20-30+ pages, these reports provide valuable insight to establish a market price, support exit planning or inform internal business planning decisions. All reports are prepared by our Primary Business Consultants. Below are the common uses for these reports:

  • Buying A Business
  • Selling A Business
  • Partner Buy-In/Buy-Outs
  • Exit Planning

Certified Business Evaluation Reports


Certified Business Evaluation Reports include an in-depth written analysis of the nature & history of a company, industry & economy, financial analysis, and conclusion of value. Below are the common uses for these reports:

  • Gift/Estate Planning
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • Litigation
  • Partner Dispute
  • Bank Loans
  • Divorces

When Do You Need A Business Evaluation?


Whether you are a business owner contemplating the sale of your business, raising bank capital or investor equity, pursuing a legal claim, preparing your succession or planning any array of accounting and IRS-related reporting events, you will want to obtain an Evaluation report that is credible and protects you against others.  If you are facing any of these life events or at risk of possible IRS-related penalties, then we highly recommend the insight provided by a Business Evaluation Report. Our reports will:

  • Inform The List Price And Provide The Fair Market Value Of Your Business
  • Deliver The Credible And Reliable Value Of Your Business
  • Provide The Value Of Your Shares, As Reported To The IRS
  • Add Valuable Credibility During Negotiations Or Legal Proceedings