Knowledge is the key to success; it is one of the many aspects businesses need in order to make efficient and profitable choices. With the world moving faster than ever, the decision-making skills of businesses need to be top-notch.  The epistemological approach has proven to turn things around for any and every business. Business Epistemology for CEOs explores this philosophy for building business up, from culture to corporation.

The world is evolving with each passing day. And the business industry is matching this evolution step by step. This book is the culmination of all my experiences and learning. I have written this book for the entrepreneur who wants to start their own business or the seasoned business person who is looking for a path in the new and evolved world. I have seen business come and go and know what path a business should take.

PBC has developed the most exclusive niche in the industry. We are Primary Business Consultants, providing Uncompromised Advocacy to entrepreneurs Entering, Evaluating, Enhancing, and Exiting business ownership. Our concern is the long term needs of clients as they may reap the highest financial rewards when they ultimately Exit business ownership.

Coaching is a human development process that involves structured, focused interaction and the use of appropriate strategies, tools, and techniques to promote desirable and sustainable change for the benefit of the coachee and potentially for other stakeholders. According to Fortune 500, businesses found that hiring a business coach can yield returns of up to 529%. WOW!

The mastery of competitive business is a process of transformation, of change, of continuous rebirth. The only losers are those who fight the PROCESS. The struggle in rebirth is transforming. Don't fight it. Become part of it. Your level of fulfillment and accomplishment will be directly proportionate to your success in going with the process rather than against it.