Do you have to own your own business in order for our wealth building system to work? Yes! Unfortunately, many people are still being sucked in by the old conventional wisdom, "Go to school, get good grades, get a good job, work hard and everything will be great." You don't have to have two Doctorate Degrees (this would be me) to recognize that method doesn't work and never has. Notice, 85% of the population never becomes financially independent. I have nothing against having a job, but for most people, the acronym of J.O.B., "Just Over Broke," is spot on.

There is a thin line between being an entrepreneur and a self-employed solopreneur. To convert from being an overworked "solopreneur" into an entrepreneur with a viable exit plan, you must first decide to change your mindset. You must make up your mind to cross that line. You must firmly decide whether you want to continue to be an entrepreneur boss and a self-employed slave to your own business, or whether you really want to exit with financial security.