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1. I represented the seller in the sale of the business.  Thank you for not only the excellent result in securing a buyer, as well as the very favorable price obtained, but also for your efforts in bringing the sale to closing.  I would unhesitatingly refer any client of mine to you.
( A.G.S., Attorney)


2. As a business lender, I have had the opportunity to work with you on numerous transactions. I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking the expertise of a business intermediary. Your knowledge of handling both the buy-side and sell-side of transactions are superior. You maintain control of transactions and are always one step ahead of the next problems. You are professional and I find it quite refreshing to work with you.

(J.T.W., Banker)



3. Your professional marketing skills and business savvy generated a qualified buyer in an expedient fashion. You successfully directed a highly complex (million dollar +) sale involving several buyers and multiple personalities. You guided us through third-party appraisals, CPA’s lenders, and attorneys…you really earned your fees. We are eternally grateful to you and all your staff.                              

(M&B DeGeorge)



4. You made selling our business easy. We were glad we had our third-party appraisal when you found us a buyer. It helped move the sale along. On a scale of 1 to 10, you are an 11!

(K Scott & Family)



5. I have a strong sales background, but I was very impressed with your step-by-step process for securing a quality buyer, handling problems along the way, and facilitating this very large sale with the bankers, CPA’s, and attorneys.

(D&L Decker)



6. You were very thorough, professional, and seemingly able to foresee what was coming! It was nice to go into a meeting having already been previewed as to what to expect. The demeanor of you and your staff was always peaceful…giving a relaxed feeling at a sometimes uptight situation. We thoroughly enjoyed working with such professionals!

(G&P Hardman)



7. We were thoroughly impressed with you…super to work with, literally went the extra mile. Everyone was pleasant and professional. We encountered several roadblocks; but your experience and professionalism made it all happen!

(P&D Martin)



8. If it hadn’t been for you, the deal would not have gone through…you were great to work with! Thank you also for making the whole process a pleasant experience.

(J&J Malmo)



9. Doing business with you was a win/win situation. The communication lines were always open and necessary adjustments were made to accommodate 3 different parties in 3 different locations in 2 states. You paralleled very well with both the buyers and sellers.

(L&L Mazon)

10. As I look back now, I had no idea that buying a business could be so complicated. If it hadn't been for your staff, I would have thrown my hands in the air and walked away after the first meeting with the bankers and other involved parties ...you led the charge with savvy and expertise that are a must in the red tape. 
(C&J Johnson)


11. You have the ability and experience to negotiate successfully and to point out the pros and cons of a business transfer. You never misled us, you kept calm when we got nervous or upset and you taught us to be patient.

(VL Mar)



12. This is long over due, and certainly deserved. I want to thank you for your dedication and perseverance in the negotiations of the sale. The deal which you structured was a winner for all concerned.

(ML Burton)



13. You not only helped direct me to several financing sources, but served me successfully as a Primary Business Consultant. I was happy with the changes you recommended and the appraisal you arranged was over $570,000 more than I expected.

(W Ray) 



14. You are one of the most professional groups I've ever worked with. I was amazed at how hard you worked at getting a fair deal for both of us. You are a professional group from top to bottom.

(B Berubee)



15. The sale of my business was handled very successfully because of your diligence and vast experience in the field. Two other companies tried to sell my business for over two years.. .you sold it quickly and for more than I had asked.

(P Hinsby)



16. I was referred to you by a very satisfied client... you were very thorough... and counseled me through the entire process. You organized the materials, helped me set the value and handled everything.

(M Serdah)



17. At no time did I feel uncomfortable and I also felt that I did not have to worry when I placed my trust in you.

(R Prince)



18. Thank you for your professional expertise in assisting me in the sale of my business. Your diligence in pursuing the right buyer and guiding everyone involved to a successful conclusion made it all happen.

(RC Edwards)



19. You and your office followed through with everything you said you were going to do. I don't find that to happen very often today in customer service anywhere. I was impressed with your follow through.

(S Bernard)

20. You have been a very credible company to work with in appraising, representing, and selling our business. It was great to work with people that were trustworthy. 
(D&S Reynolds)



21. We were friends of the sellers and were interested in purchasing their business. After a year of trying to make it happen and not being successful, we turned to you for guidance. You took over the process, from the third-party appraisal, due diligence, to arranging our financing and the attorney's legal documents necessary for the closing. We have just completed the training period and have had a great two weeks of sales. We are just thrilled! In the several months that I have worked with you, I have seen you take us to a level beyond what we had imagined positive. We appreciate your sincerity, expertise and the efforts expended to make our acquisition of this business a success.

(T &A Wood)



22. It is hard to say in a few sentences all the great things you have done to find a buyer and complete the sale. Your staff is competent, professional, and caring to boot. Your hard work made the sale happen and you have my grateful thanks for a job well done.

(E Snell)



23. When asked how we felt about your and your services during the transaction, our response is: Bravo! Bravo! We sere very impressed with the quality and speed of the work you did. In fact, at times we felt we weren't doing enough. Thank you so very much for helping us to secure our future...you have helped to make us very happy!

(P&W Van)



24. You are wonderful. We don't know what we would have done without you... we know we would have sold to someone within our own industry at a wholesale price. We would not have known what a good agreement or a bad one was. Your financial advice and guidance helped us out along the way. Your staff did so much behind the scenes to make it easier for us. Everything was done and presented in a very professional manner. We would recommend you with highest confidence.

(B&T Boyd)



25. How often do you really meet someone who follows through 110% on every single detail, no matter how small? I would have said "Never!", especially in any sales field. You came through with flying colors. My hat is off to you for that reliability and for the ability to find co-workers with the same outstanding work ethic. Outstanding!

Thanks to you all.
(B Harp)

26.The appraisal really helped us understand what we were buying. We highly recommend your company…you are pros. Our sale went so smooth and easy we were afraid something had been forgotten!
(T&BJ Clark) 


27. You are a very honest person. From analyzing the value of our business to meeting with CPA’s and attorneys…you were always willing to help in any way you could.
(W&C Moore)


28. What appeared to be impossible, put in proper hands, was made possible!
(D Morrow)


29. A year ago we tried to sell our business ourselves. We went through a 10-month mess of waiting and paperwork, only to have the whole deal fall apart. With just a few weeks with you we had a qualified buyer, and the transaction was completed. You and your staff care more for the people than the sale. What a difference…!
(M&J Richards)


30. After failing to sell my business on my own, I turned it over to a professional who found a buyer right away. I highly recommend you! 
(T Morgan)


31.You and your staff were well prepared to go above and beyond the normal to find a business that suited our needs and liking. You also helped us do the necessary paperwork and inspection to finalize the sale.
(B&M Davis)


32. In our opinion you and your staff were very courteous and helpful. By using you, we had a clean, effective fast track into owning our own business.
(J&J Paisley)


33. You are very professional and efficient. You care about people and not about money…you are out to help, not out to get.
(P&D Horn)


34. I was very pleased by the service given to me by both you and your staff. Everything was handled very professionally. I highly recommend you to anyone considering buying or selling a business.
(T Kuhlman)


35. We had a close family-held business. We were very pleased with the professionalism, integrity and speed of the sale. We would recommend you and your staff to anyone interested in selling their business.
(J&C Scanlon)


36. We were very pleased with your successful handling of the sale of our business. You spent quality time to learn all about our business and operations, then brought only qualified prospective buyers. You phoned weekly to inform us of any new developments. We recommend you as an excellent professional.


37. I want to thank you for working with me in the process of identifying and acquiring a business in my required market. I felt your people skills and acquisition knowledge played an important part in the process we experienced…your skills at keeping the deal on track more than once played a part in helping the parties move toward the final goal. For me, the most important qualities that you brought to the table were your ability to listed and your ability to relate your perceptions. It was a pleasure working with you. I hope that I’m able to utilize your skills again for another acquisition.


38. Please consider this letter as a business reference for you. I have known you for a number of years in a business capacity and recommend your services to anyone seeking the benefits of your background and experience. Your experience includes investment banking…with high level negotiating skills.


39. I initially had the pleasure of working with you in my pursuit of acquiring a particular type of business in a short period of time. As a direct result of your efforts, I made an offer on exactly that type of business, put the business under contract, and indeed acquired that business. I am most impressed with your skill in conducting and coordinating a multi-faceted campaign at various levels…also managing the myriad of details necessary to orchestrate an acquisition. What struck me as exceptional was your facilitation in the due diligence area, coordination of attorney and accountants, input into ongoing negotiations and many other necessary functions. I hold you in the utmost regard as a professional in the M&A industry.


40. I am very happy to recommend you as a M&A professional…I believe that it was only due to your diligence, talent and perseverance that the sale was accomplished.  You were able to find the financing, follow up effectively with the source and obtain the necessary commitment. You were also extremely helpful in the documentary finalization of the transaction…you helped to make sure that there were no misunderstandings or miscommunications, and made sure that everything flowed smoothly…you did not waste our time…our business was a difficult one to sell and you focused on the kind of person who would be interested in it and only brought us possibilities. If I had another business to sell, I would not hesitate to call upon you.