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E2 - Entering Business Ownership
You may recieve information regarding Entering Business Ownership at no charge which will answer the following questions:
When is the best time to enter business ownership?
What are the ingredients of a successful entry?
How can I avoid overpaying for a business?
How do I prevent the use of compromised professionals?
What is the best method of entering business ownership?
How can I maintain confidentiality?
What professionals do I need & when should I use them?

The business you enter may become your most valuable asset, so your entrance must be treated as the most important thing you will ever do! 

Assuring that the business is appropriately priced is possibly the most important ingredient.  Do not enter your most important asset without securing a professional Business Appraisal from an independent third-party with a national business clientele. We will coordinate the flow of information to achieve the best and most accurate appraisal for you! We function as the coach of the team, which may include other professionals as needed during the transaction...accountants, attorneys, tax specialists, estate planners, escrow/closing agents, appraisers, bankers and others. We model unselfish cooperation in coordinating the individual events, paperwork, activities and responsibilities of these and other professionals. Successful teams play to the end of the game, and we will help everyone involved to understand that this is your game and that all of us are responsible to help you win it.