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E3 - Enhancing Business Ownership
You may recieve information regarding Enhancing Business Ownership at no charge which will answer the following questions.
When should I start planning a exit strategy?
Where can I find help with problem solving/prevention?
When should I get a professional business appraisal?
How can I achieve a proper balance of funding?
How can I determine what my profits & value should be?
What is a successful business enhancement plan?
Where can I find help I can trust for the long term?

A trained Primary Business Consultant will secure an independent third-party Business Enhancement Report indicating what can be done to yield the best possible current earnings and ultimate value.  Never allow a professional to lead you into marketing your business for less than it could be worth!  An uncompromised Primary Business Consultant will suggest that you learn how to improve the value of your business before you go to the market. A reality check can produce the "best of both" results desired by every business owner: (1) increased current profits and (2) ultimate value.  You will receive a higher price when you sell and enjoy higher profits in the meantime!  The time required to meet these goals may be surprisingly shorter than you think.  With the Business Enhancement Report, your consultant can design a plan of action, the Business Enhancement Plan, to accomplish the recommended objectives.  Your Consultant will monitor each step toward increased cash flow and maximum ultimate value. A clear, compelling and rewarding Leadership Agenda will meet the current, intermediate and ultimate goals of the owner/operator, managers, employees and stockholders.  Meeting these challenges will significantly enhance the growth and effectiveness of your organization.  Some issues to consider will be: healthy dissatisfactions with the current situation, a vision to guide the future, definition of your mission (establishing principles of success, goals and benchmarks to produce specific results), productive use of human resources, elimination of confusion and waste, improved products and services, streamlined systems and better communications with suppliers, customers and employees.  The goal is to make your business more distinctive and more profitable.