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E4 - Exiting Business Ownership
You may receive "A Guide to Exiting Business Ownership" at no charge which will answer the following frequently asked questions. 
When is the best time to exit my business?
What are the necessary ingredients of a successful exit?
How can I enhance the price of my business?
How can I avoid using compromising professionals?
What is the most successful method of exiting business ownership?
How can I maintain confidentiality?
What professionals do I need & when should I use them?

The Ingredients for a successful Exit of Business Ownership
Your business is possibly your most valuable asset and your exit from it should be conducted like the most important thing you will ever accomplish!

The necessary steps to determine that you will receive the highest price must be taken.
A high level of confidence must be developed between you and the Primary Business Consultant you choose to coach the team of advisor's.  Be sure he/she has a working knowledge of all marketing procedures and negotiation skills.
Assurance of fair fee structure that will net much more than you spend must be established.  Our marketing plan and compensation are designed to allow us to be uncompromising advocates.
Strategies must match your dreams.  We have been helping dreams come true for business owners for over three decades.

As a Primary Business Consultant, we will help you get MORE when you sell your business and we will help you keep MORE through the minimization of taxes.  We will also help you to maximize the growth of your business through strategic business planning to minimize taxes when your assets are passed on to you heirs.  After all, it's the bottom line that counts.  Our goal has never been to have the most businesses for sale.  Our mission as client advocates is to be MORE than simply a broker.  We do MORE for individual clients as we bring MORE to the bottom line for each client!

Cochran Consulting