Business Listings

An acquisition based on an underlying strategy is much more likely to succeed than one that results from an impulsive reaction to an "attractive" opportunity. Developing a strategy and implementing a proactive acquisition program is what Cochran Consulting is all about. A merger or acquisition transaction often represents a defining moment in a company's development.


This catering company provides personalized catering services for festivals, street fairs, concerts, coporate events, fund raisers, private parties, or any other special event needs. Excellent opportunity with great cash flow.

Chiropractic Practice

This business is currently run part-time with a very strong and loyal client base. The practice has been a favorite in the Inland Empire for over 25 years. Every patient is treated as an individual and is given care recommendations based on their individual examination findings.


This well established and highly profitable electrical service and contracting company serves customers in a niche commercial market. As a non-union, full service business, the company is very competitive in its market and has an excellent reputation.

Digital Directory

Originally formed as a print directory, this Company has converted to digital format for iPhones and Androids. This Company has added a recurring revenue model for stabilizing cash flow.